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Elton – Manager, Healesville. (Review taken from Facebook)

Outstanding treatment with a thorough recovery plan. I would recommend friends and family to see Cam.

Tiffany – 28, TCM Doctor, Croydon. (Review taken from True local)

I went to see Cam about my back, which has been giving me trouble and severe pain for 3.5 years, which no chiropractor or physiotherapist could fix. In 3 sessions Cameron has completely restored my back to what it was and I no longer experience pain or stiffness. He has also given me exercises to maintain it. I can’t thank … Cam enough for the gift of pain free movement and I will be returning to him for any future injuries I have. I thoroughly recommend Cameron to any person experiencing pain and injuries, as he has done wonders for me.

John – 52, IT Consultant, Healesville. (Review taken from Google reviews)

I went to see Cam while I was experiencing a bout of severe head aches & migraines. I was having approx. 3 per week for over a month and was struggling to work! Cam found the source of the head aches/ migraines to be muscular, he performed deep tissue massage through my shoulders and neck & gave me stretches to do at home. Since the first treatment I have not had a head ache or migraine & now see Cam for maintenance treatments… I have never felt better!!!! I would recommend Cam to anybody who is suffering from migraines, headaches or shoulder & neck tension.

Alicia – 40’s, Healesville. (Review taken from Google reviews)

I went to see Cameron about a lower back injury I sustained while at work 8 years ago. I have seen numerous health professionals including back specialists. By having regular treatment with Cameron combined with the chiropractor he works with (Michelle Toy), we have been able to get my back into a condition that specialists didn’t think was possible. With regular treatment Cameron provides I no longer experience regular debilitating pain everyday. I thank Cameron greatly for the difference he has made in my life and I would recommend him to anyone & everyone!

Nadine – 31, Waitress, Bayswater. (Review taken from Google – Rapid Recovery Bayswater clinic)

Cam takes time finding the actual source and cause of the pain and discomfort in your body.  I have seen a lot of therapists and tried many different types of treatment for my terrible upper-body posture and on-going lower back pain, only ever experiencing comfort and relief for a few days before the pain and dis-comfort returns.  Within the first few minutes of my initial consultation, Cam noticed that my back, neck and shoulder problems were the direct result of incorrectly positioned hips!!  No one had ever noticed this!!  I felt a difference after the very first treatment and vast improvement in my posture within a handful of sessions.  Cam also prescribed daily exercises and stretches to assist in the re-positioning of my hips and back and to help re-train the muscles involved.  Everyday I feel taller, my back and shoulders feel straighter and I experience less pain and discomfort.  I even find myself sitting and walking tall without having to concentrate on my posture!!  Thank you so much for your expertise Cam, I have never felt better in my own body!!

Helen – Writer, Healesville. (Review taken from Facebook)

I can’t recommend Cam highly enough – he is so intuitive and knowledgable and ALWAYS gets to the source of the problem rather than just treats the symptoms. It hurts, but it’s worth it. I needed a lot of treatment, advice and exercises to get me through the Oxfam 100km walk and Cam delivered brilliantly.

Tori – Myotherapist, Ringwood. (Review taken from Facebook)

Thanks for looking after me and helping my neck stiffness. As a myotherapist myself I can vouch that Cameron definitely has a strong set of hands to fix those tight aching muscles. Thanks heaps Cameron!

Andrea – 42, Nurse, Lilydale (Review taken from Google reviews)

Cameron is a great person to go to with any sorts of injuries/back pain etc. He has helped me in so many ways unlike any other therapist who I have seeing over the years. I highly recommend him!


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