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Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy

Sports Therapists assess treat & rehabilitate musculoskeletal injuries

Who do sports therapists help?

The simple answer is a Sports Therapist can help nearly everyone. Sports Therapists aim to have clients back to 100% in the shortest possible time, while preventing the injury reoccuring & limiting the risk of other problems.

Think of an AFL player. They hurt themselves. Their club & the player wants to be back out playing as quickly as possible. However, the player can’t go out & get re injured or even worse have another injury occur due to factors caused by the injury they have just had. Sports Therapists help the player back to 100% as quickly as possible – getting them back out playing. At the same time they put measures in place to help prevent further or other injuries.

Do you think that’s something that can be applied to nearly every injury? I sure do.

How is treatment structured?

Sports Therapy sessions are broken into 3 components; assessment, treatment & rehabilitation. This combination allows us to treat many injuries & syndromes with a high success rate.

Assessment – Through a range of muscle & orthopaedic tests, your injury is carefully evaluated. We work out exactly what the injury is as well as any other biomechanical or muscular issues associated with that.

Treatment – Our treatment consists mostly of remedial massage, combined with gentle joint mobilizations & stretching

Rehabilitation – What is the point of treating an injury & leaving it weak and susceptible to re-injury? We prescribe corrective exercises to  either strengthen or provide more range of motion to joints and muscles. We also prescribe proprioceptive exercises which are extremely effective in preventing re-injury or reoccurrence of an issue, but also helpful in preventing other injuries.

Our Sports Therapists are generally very busy, if you need treatment click the link below & book now with Cameron or Georgia.