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Remedial Massage Healesville

Remedial Massage Healesville

We have the best, evidence based, result driven remedial massage Healesville has to offer!

What is remedial massage?

Remedial Massage aims to give you fast and long term pain relief, as well as optimizing movement & decreasing risk of injury. It uses several different massage techniques to loosen connective tissues such as muscles & ligaments.

Our remedial massage treatments eliminate pain & restore function to injured, sore or tight tissues.

Why would you need Remedial Massage?

  • Do you have an injury?
  • Are yous stressed?
  • Do you have general soreness?
  • Are you naturally tight?
  • Do you do sport or exercise?
  • Is your work physical?
  • Do you sit at a desk?
  • Do you suffer headaches?

If you answered YES to any question above, you will benefit from Remedial Massage. You are the type of person we get fantastic results & love to work with.

Does Remedial Massage work?

Clinical studies have shown that repeat treatments & corrective exercises are effective in speeding up recovery while providing symptomatic relief without the need for drugs in a number of chronic conditions. The results can be almost immediate, most clients feel a difference after 1 session, generally a big difference after 3. Remedial massage is often successful where other forms of treatment have failed.

Remedial Massage is also highly effective at preventing injuries. Many healthy & pain free clients can be surprised to discover they still have tightness & biomechanical dysfunction. This often leads to injury. Remedial Massage treats this before the injury occurs! This is the reason high level athletes use remedial massage to reduce & prevent future injuries, that same principle can benefit everyone.

Our specialised Remedial Massage therapist will work through your previous history of injuries, current complaint, work status & sporting goals to develop a targeted plan specifically for you. Remedial massage is also very beneficial to people already being treated by physiotherapists, chiropractors & osteopaths.

Why choose Rapid Recovery?

Rapid Recovery uses “Evidence Based Treatment” – this means we mix clinical expertise with the latest scientific evidence & then integrate this with client preferences. Combined we have performed in excess of 10,000 treatments. Our aim at Rapid Recovery is to get you back to your best in no time!

We have an extremely good reputation within our local & wider community. So much so many of our clients travel across from Yarra Glen, we service many from along the Warburton Highway (Yarra Junction, Woori Yallock & Seville), a large number from across the Black Spur including Marysville, Taggerty & Thornton and as far as the other side of Alexandra & Yea. Towards the city we see many from Lilydale, Croydon & Ringwood and even as far as Richmond.

With therapists so driven, ultra professional & skillful it’s hard to see why you would look anywhere else!

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