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Massage for Recreational & Elite Athletes

Massage for Recreational & Elite Athletes

Our treatments of a number of benefits for both elite & “Weekend Warrior” athletes!

Rapid Recovery uses “Evidence Based Treatment” – this means we mix clinical expertise with the latest scientific evidence & then integrate this with client preferences (What you want!). Our treatment methods are the same that is used on Australia’s & the worlds best athletes. This provides you with a number of key benefits which in turn boost your performance & decrease risk of injury! Who doesn’t want that? Professional athletes often have up to 4 sessions per week, sometimes more!

Our 2 Sports Therapists – Cameron & Georgia have both worked extensively with elite & professional athletes.

Major Benefits Include (This list could be much longer!):

  • Decreased recovery time (from both training & injury)
  • Improved muscular performance
  • Decreased muscular fatigue
  • Decreased risk of injury

If you want to dive a bit deeper into how the maintenance side of things work have a quick read of this: Muscles are made up of thousands of muscle fibers. When a muscle fiber contracts it does so fully, there is no such thing as a partially contracted muscle fiber. In a tight muscle a certain % of these muscle fibers remain in a fully contracted position. Now think about this… the remaining fibers cannot produce the same force so strength and power go down. In terms of endurance these fibers now must work harder, they fatigue quicker. Your performance goes down. Not only this your muscles are fatigued and tight – this puts you at a much higher risk of muscle and/ or joint injuries. Maintenance treatments work on these tight muscles, to improve your performance and decrease your injury risk.

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