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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions when a new client is calling for a booking. Hopefully this helps to answer any questions you have. If not feel free to give Cameron a call directly!


What qualifications does Cameron have & how is he able to help?

Cameron holds an Adv. Dip. Sports Therapy. He was one of the first graduates of this course in Australia. His qualifications allows him to treat a large variety of people from children and elderly to some of the best athletes in the country and world. He is able to thoroughly assess injuries, use a wide variety of treatment methods (usually involving remedial massage) and prescribe corrective exercises to make sure your injury is 100% rehabilitated.


How does this differ to someone who holds a general massage qualification?

Cameron’s course was greatly deeper than a “general massage qualification”. Most massage courses run from 6 weeks to a year. Cameron course was 3 years full time. This gives him a great deal of knowledge of the body, it’s functions and injury. The depth of the course allows him to thoroughly assess injuries, gives him a number of treatment options and the ability to rehabilitate to superior standards.


Will the treatment be painful?

No! We only treat clients within their limits, if you want the treatment to be completely pain free we can perform very light treatments. Obviously some people prefer heavy treatments to accelerate the healing process and recover quicker, we also cater for this. Our treatments range from very light techniques to heavy enough to work on 120kg rugby players! Our client history form has a section to fill out on how deep you would like your treatment. Cameron will also discuss this with you at the start of the session so that your comfortable with the treatment.


I don’t do sport, I’m not even active… can I still make an appointment?

YES! Cameron’s is qualified as a Sports Therapist, remedial massage made up part of this course. This means you get a therapist who has a qualification as a remedial therapist with the added bonus of all of the extra knowledge. This means you will get a far superior treatment! A large percentage of Cameron’s clients have actually injured themselves through activities of daily living or work.


We will have more of the most commonly asked questions up soon!




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