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Facebook Promotion Terms & Conditions

Posted by Cameron on April 24, 2018

Facebook Promotion Terms & Conditions   The promoter is: Rapid Recovery Sports Injury & Massage Clinic (A.B.N. 46 066 382 642) whose registered office is at 305 Maroondah Hwy, Healesville, Vic. The competition is open to residents of the Victoria, Australia aged 18 years or over except employees of Rapid Recovery and their close relatives […]

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Massage Oil – Why we use the best!

Posted by Cameron on April 16, 2018

Rapid Recovery – Remedial Massage Healesville – 2 Healesville locations! What sort of massage oil do we use? To put it simply, we use the best massage oil available for anyone suffering aches and pains. Why? Read on! With so many different types of oils and liniments on the market how do you know what’s […]

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What’s more effective… Remedial Massage or Anti Inflammatory’s?

Posted by Cameron on April 3, 2018

Remedial Massage Healesville: What’s more effective for chronic lower back pain – Remedial Massage or Anti Inflammatory’s? It’s a question we are often asked and with an over reliance by many on pharmaceutical drugs we thought we’d have our evidence based input. In many cases, particularly with more chronic injuries inflammation isn’t the prime issue […]

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Do you or a loved one suffer chronic pain?

Posted by Cameron on March 18, 2018

Are you tired of living in pain, not being happy with how your body functions? Not sleeping well which affects your mood?  Chronic pain is horrible. It affects your day to day life, your sleep, your social life and the list goes on. Do you want to live a pain free life, Throw away those […]

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What are your health goals for 2018?

Posted by Cameron on January 15, 2018

What are your health goals were for 2018? For many people it’s to be fitter, eat healthier & overall improve their lifestyle. How do we hit our goals if we don’t have a plan? Every Jan, Feb and even March we see numerous people whose New Year’s resolution was to become a bit fitter. Right […]

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What is a tension headache?

Posted by Cameron on December 14, 2017

What is a tension headache? Tension headaches cause millions of Australian’s pain and suffering every year. But what exactly are they & what causes them? Tension headaches are caused by tightening of the muscles in the upper back, neck and head. It is the most common of all the various headache types. Some studies have shown […]

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What is a trigger point & how can it cause me pain?

Posted by Cameron on December 1, 2017

A trigger point is a small lump that forms in a tight band of muscle tissue. It can cause many different types of pain. It can be a dull constant ache, a sharp shooting pain or a pain in a completely different area to where the pain is (referred pain). Levels of pain caused by trigger […]

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